I completely love the weight of words. There is just something about holding words in your hand as you read them that makes me melt every single time. Now a days, everyone has a Kindle or an iPad that fits snuggly in their bag or briefcase, barely containing any weight. Where are all the other English nerds who carry 2-3 books in their bag at a time??

I refuse to get a Kindle. I would miss the feel of my books as they tumble out of my bag and onto my lap. The words of Thoreau and Austen read better when read from a real book. I can highlight and mark it up as much as I please without having to worry about scratching the screen. They mean more to me when there is weight to them.

My bookshelf groans under the weight of my three copies of Pride & Prejudice and assortment of others (both silly and serious). Were my collection to every diminish or I would have to part with it, I'm pretty sure part of me would go along with it and I would be fretting about where my beloved characters had gone to.

No, I will not get a Kindle. I will keep my books, and keep expanding my shelves. If my bag gets too heavy, I'll just buy a bigger one than rid myself of the books. They are a part of me and have shaped me into who I am. Why ruin that experience with a flimsy circuit board?


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  1. love the bookshelves. i've heard that more is learned/ remembered of books/ words read on paper :)