Knit Booties

Yesterday, my very best friend's mom sent me a package! I love getting mail. But then again, what college student doesn't? Inside the package was some goodies like Cheez-Its (a favorite of mine) and a pair of knit booties! Steph's mom is a master crochet artist and crafted these just for me. They are so cozy and warm on my feet! Perfect for nighttime when the air is cool and the windows are open and even stepping on the carpet sends chills down my spine.

Can I just say, on a side note, how much finals suck? Not only has it put a huge stress factor in my life, but it has also messed with my sleep pattern. I wake up so late now that I don't feel like running and if I do go running at night its not for very long. Once I move out, I'll go running (or at least ride my bike) every day. I really do enjoy physical activity now, so I hate that I can't do it with finals going on.

Wish me luck? I have 2 tests coming up and I have to finish a paper and a project.

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