Glasses and Pigtails

I'm sitting at my favorite coffee place right now after getting a lot of work done for my classes. After working on my Russian paper, Cultural Studies paper, research for another Cultural Studies project and doing research for my Biology of AIDS project, I think a little blog brake is in order. It has to be quick though because I gotta go pick up the kids I watch from school.

Lets just say that I cannot wait for this semester to be over. Not only will I be free, but I'll be stress free! I'm in such a horrid mood and feel so yucky that I can't even go running. I hate it because I was actually starting to like waking up early and going running.

I filled out an application for a passport yesterday and will be using my tax return to get one. The plan is to go to Canada by the end of the year, so that should be lots of fun. France and other European nations will have to wait until I get a little more change in my pocket.

I meant to bake brownies this week, but I didn't.

I meant to watch Pride & Prejudice this week, but I didn't.

I meant to do my homework, and I did.

So long activities that I love, you and I shall be joined in about...3 more weeks? Yeah, that sounds right.


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  1. the sad thing about going to canada is that we don't get a stamp :(