Surprise, Surprise

As this school year comes to a close, I've come to realize how unexpected everything has been this year. After a pretty easy (for me) first semester, this current spring semester has completely overwhelmed me. That, added with everything going on in my personal life, I have developed a cold sore on my lip (sad face). But, despite all that, I try and stay positive.

Positive Thing #1:
I will be able to push out papers at a much quicker rate.

Positive Thing #2:
I have learned something called "Time Management".

Positive Thing #3:
I have exactly one month left of school, which means I can move to my cousins place and learn about a different part of Chicago.

Positive Thing #4:
Summer is just around the corner. =]

1 comment:

  1. woooHOO!! i hate time management, there should always just be more time. except when i'm in those really boring classes and just keep looking at the clock. (i actually spend those boring classes to study for other courses... and THAT is good time management!!)