Sew It Begins

While I was home for spring break a few weeks ago, my lovely friend Kat, taught me how to sew. I made a cute little orange pillow for my pretend couch that will sit in my pretend living room in my pretend apartment. What I discovered while sewing was that I was relaxed, despite all the mini freak outs that Kat and my other friend, Rachel, had to endure I really did enjoy sewing.

Upon my arrival back to Chicago, I was determined to find a fabric store so I could sew other things. I found this cute little one in Bucktown, which is just north of Wicker Park on the north side of Chicago. I got some fabric, needles, and an embroidery hoop so I could start that as well.

For my first project, I decided to make an apron. Being an avid baker, I thought this would come in very handy. I only did a half apron because I didn't use a pattern and didn't want to attempt something like that without the guidance of a pattern. 

Anyways, after 4 days, this is what I got. 
I was baking a cake for my roommates. But yes, that is my apron. Next time, I'll be sure to take pictures and try and make a pattern for you all!

Avoir! =]


  1. super adorable!! looks like cute fabric too!!
    and freak outs? i don't remember the freak outs...

  2. Hugs 'n Stuff4/11/2011 4:41 PM

    Don't you look so cute in your new apron?