Around Town :: Delicious Cafe

I think it's a shame not many people who live in Chicago (or visit Chicago) go up to North Center. I guess because its off the Brown Line Irving Park stop and it may be out of the way for some people. It's super family friendly, though, with plenty of "young people" things to do. One part of North Center that I love is Delicious Cafe. If you walk by it, you already get a sense of how cute it is on the inside. Bright walls, mismatched chairs and vintage tables fill a decent sized cafe area. Local print work, which you can buy, is tastily put up on the walls. A large variety of drinks and a good selection of food (all vegan, by the way) makes it a nice place to stop in for a muffin, or hunker down while you're waiting for a play date to end.

This particular Friday morning is quiet, Bright Eyes plays softly in the background and several people are on their laptops. I settle down at a beautiful vintage table with coffee and a breakfast sandwich. The cheese is vegan yet somehow oh so creamy. The coffee is strong and bold and Counter Culture (a favorite of mine). It's a perfect addition to this already cute neighborhood.  I want to stay here for hours, sipping coffee and people watching from the window seat. The cupcakes from the pastry case look longingly at me and it's taking me everything to not go up and buy one, which I might just do anyways.

Delicious Cafe is located at 3827 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60613

Enjoy!! =]


  1. is Counter Culture a brand of coffee? or something?... love the coffeehouse review :)

  2. You should check out Kitsch'n On Roscoe. Great diner with amazing food and ambiance (:

  3. Thanks! We love our neighborhood, too. Hope we get to serve you even more in the future! Love, Delicious.