What To See :: Charleston, SC

Charleston is quite historic. Being a history nerd, I loved it. The city itself has a great preservation society, so they can't just tear down a building and put up a new one, they have to go though all these codes and everything in order to keep everything looking so historic. I kind of love that. Charleston has a very small town feel to it. Here are some places you can go,

Fort Sumter
The first shots of the Civil War took place here. It's built on a man made island, and it is a lot smaller than one might think. You're only allowed to spend an hour on the island, and you have to take a little ferry to get out there, but it's still nice. Try and get their earlier, the sun won't be as hot and the crowd is usually a little lighter. All around, it was a very nice visit.

The orange traffic cone makes it super authentic.

The fort from the ferry.

Remains of the powder magazine.

Plantations - Magnolia
There are a lot of different plantations around Charleston. The Notebook was filmed at one and there's even a working plantation! But my mom and I went to Magnolia Plantation. It used to be a rice plantation back in the day and there is this beautiful romantic (that means it's overgrown) garden. Most of the flowers were blooming and it was heavenly. It was nice to just get out and see something that was still maintained so well. I don't think I took enough pictures of this place.
Oh, hi. I'm just a pony.

This wisteria smelled FANTASTIC!

A very modest David. 

Right as I was taking this, an old man walked by and said something about how he was going to be on YouTube. I wish he had gotten in the picture. 

City Market/Around the City
Just simply walking around the city is great. There are so many things to see that walking around the city can be a trip in itself. Walking tours are great for that. It also helps you get a handle on how the city is set up. The streets are really narrow and all the buildings are really close together. One of my favorite things was just walking around the city. My mom and I did some Geochacheing while we were there. It's kind of like an online scavenger hunt. We did three, but only found one (we think the other two might have gotten moved or something). But that's another way to figure out the city. It takes you to different parts that you wouldn't normally visit as a tourist. Its fun to do in your own city, but even more fun to do it in a new one.

I think this is my favorite picture from this trip. 

In front of the French Cafe. 

There is tons of street art here! It's kind of awesome. 

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