Surviving Finals With Obsessions.

Blah. Finals. Too many projects and not enough motivation to finish them. Really, all it is is two Power Points and 3 tests. But it's not as bad as it looks. Coffee helps. Riding my bike in 40 degrees helps. Sitting in a coffee shop kind of helps because I feel like I have to do work so no one sees that I'd really rather be on Pintrest.

So, I'm sorry for lack of posts. Exciting things will  be happening soon, but not soon enough. So, in order to tide you over, here are some things that are REALLY distracting me!

Getting REALLY into this show, like the dork I am. 

I want this...

Got these shoes on sale from Urban. Waiting for a nice day to do pictures in.

Vanilla and Lace added new dresses to their collection! I think I need this one.


What's distracting you????

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