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For anyone that has ever listened to This American Life, you know that David Sedaris is a great writer. He's witty and honest and very easy to relate to. Barrel Fever is a collection of short stories and essays by Sedaris, including his famous essay "The Santa Land Diaries". Reading this on the CTA might have been a bad idea, because I couldn't help but laughing out loud. Sometimes, you think "No, this didn't really happen to him. People aren't really like that." But yeah, people are really like that. People will say mean things to Santa Elves and have a stigma attached to smokers. It's a short read; maybe took me a week to read it. It's been out for a while, so your local book store will surely have it, or the library.

Anything by Sedaris is great though. His radio essays are to die for, as well. I'm reading Me Talk Pretty One Day as well and it's hard to find a good stopping point.

Good work, Mr. Sedaris. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

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