About Me (New and Somewhat Improved)

So, things have been pretty crazy on my end the past few weeks. But I'm working on myself now. Or, at least tonight I'm going to start to.

It starts off with cooking more. I'm making a quiche tonight, something I've been craving for weeks now. Cooking and baking have always been apart of my life. My dad, my wonderful loving dad taught me everything I know. I'll post on my food blog later on the recipe for my quiche if any of you out there who might actually read this blog want it.

Next, I need to make more time for my body. I want to start doing yoga again and maybe start running. After quiche and Glee, I might go run a mile or two and finish off the workout with a little yoga.

I've been writing a lot more as well. It's getting pretty good if I do say so myself. I want to start really seeing my city. Going to the Art Institute on Friday by myself was magical. I really loved it. I'll post the writing that I'm working on once it's completed.

On New Years, I made a resolution to start dressing better, so that's getting worked on too. I made a pile of clothes that I want to take and sell, but the snow has been so deep still and it's been so cold that I have no desire to venture out too far. Maybe I will on Friday, that can be my outing.

Since I need to keep doing well in school, I need to go get ready for class. =]


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  1. I'm really glad my concept of going out on your own didn't go sour. sometimes I can be in the wrong mood. But mostly doing my own thing brings me back center :)