Cottage Cheese

As of right now, it is 11:09 PM on Thursday, February 24, 2011. This is a glorious moment because I am not having a pity party for myself (for once). I'm actually very much in love with life right now. Even with the stress that comes with school and figuring out where I'll be living over the summer, I'm still happy. I don't need drugs or booze or any of that.

I've come to terms with my solitude. It's helped me reflect on life, love, my writings and cooking. I don't wish things were different, because if they were then I just wouldn't be who I am right now in this moment. In fact, I enjoy my alone time because who knows when I'll be able to again.

Things, I think at least, are just going to keep getting better. Even if it's only in my eyes. =]

Now, time for some goofy pictures because when you're happy, all you wanna do is take pictures. =]

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  1. is the nose piercing new?? and i love your hair. and i'm glad you're learning to love the solitude :)