Laundry Day

This morning, I got up early enough to do some much needed laundry. It's taken me almost 7 months, but I'm finally done with my Purex sheets. What awful things those are. My socks ALWAYS some out dingy and its also left stains on my bra and a few of my shirts. Not cool at all. I'll be switching back to Tide and Bounce. I'll have to get some Oxi Clean in order to get my socks nice and white again. Plus, it's very good at getting any sort of stain out. I'll have to get some dryer sheets as well, but those seem to last a lifetime.

On a much lighter note, it looks like I'll be staying in my wonderful city for the summer. My mom's cousins who live further north have offered me this nanny gig. From now until summer, I'll be picking up their kids every Friday after they get out of school and hanging out with them until their parents get home. In the summer, I will have 4 weeks of full time nannying and 5 weeks part time. I feel so blessed to have had this come up right when I was needing an excuse to stay in the city. Now I won't have to leave just yet! =]

So, my lovely readers, beware the Purex sheets. Yes, they may be more practical, but in the end, it's not worth it one bit.

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