Keeps Gettin' Better

Woo! Just got back from working out. Ran 2.3 miles in 30 min. Not my best, but I did run the 1st mile straight with no brakes or anything. Very proud of myself for that. No passing out for me this time. I ate some toast with Smart Balance and a touch of grape jelly while watching Bones and now I'm eating a bit of low-fat vanilla yogurt before my shower. I'm looking at swimsuits to help keep me motivated on my workout. I have a lovely one piece back in St. Louis, but I'd love to wear a bikini this year. Lets hope I'll be able to.

Does anyone (mainly Kat because I'm pretty sure she's the only one who reads this) know any good pre and post workout stretches? The ones I'm doing aren't very good and I walked out of my run today with a little soreness in the upper part of my left leg. Any ideas? I'd love 'em.

Now to finish my yogurt over some House, a shower, then doing a bit of homework before class this afternoon.

Have a lovely day!

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